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Our Quality Services

Performed with Dependability in  

Pickens County and Greenville County, SC



Water Heater 


and repair



Water pressure


Leak detection

Dependable and Quality Plumbing

in Pickens County and Greenville County, South Carolina

One Guy Plumbing is a family owned business. We do EVERYTHING as a family: weekly meals, football games, swim parties, holidays, etc. With a One Guy Family of seven we know that wear and tear on the house is brutal especially on the plumbing. This leads to unfortunate breaks that seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. But do not worry, we are here to make those inconvenient times easy; all you have to do is Call Mike and we do the rest.

Do You Have A Plumbing Problem?

Plumbing issues are very common and major issues can often be prevented before it causes major damage. Be on the look out for the following signs, and if you have one Call Mike with One Guy Plumbing today!

  • Discolored Water

  • Small Drips and Leaks 

  • Lowering in Water Pressure

  • Water Stains 

  • Pipe Corrosion 

  • Water Pools

  • Stuttering Water Flow

  • Slow Water Draining 

  • Increased Water Bill

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